Hammer Worlds Report #3 – Day 2

What does Hammer Racing Team bring to day two of 2022 UCI Track Cycling Worlds?

Well, first.  More late evening velodrome racing.

First Hammer racing at the end of the day was:

Mens 65-69 Scratch Race

Hammer Racing p/b Thorne racers, David Beitel and Shannon Fox were in the the race, and represented well.  Up against a feild of spicey and very exerperienced riders.

Next up was Count in the the 70-74 Scratch Race.
This race was well played by a couple of Crafty Colorado riders.
One of the “Crafties” was Count who was near the front at the begining, rested well in the middle, and then poured on the power out of turn #4 of the last lap.
Hammer Racing’s David Mulica brings in a bronze.

Gwen Afton and the Turtle Pursuit team were the last to roll on the VSC boards for the day.  Gwen Kilo’d the Turtle Crew and set fastest laps.   Job well done.
And in the end…Silver is the metallic ore that the award is made.

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