Thorne Products Presented by Hammer Racing

Hammer proudly supports and endorses all NSF Certified for Sport Products The high quality of these products allows our athletes to rest easy knowing that their supplements have undergone thorough testing, allowing them more time to focus on training.

Follow the instructions below – Click on the shaker bottle. Following your June new sign up, you will still receive the normal 20% all time discount courtesy of the Hammer Racing Team.

Click on the Thorne Shaker Bottle below to create a Thorne account.

Then select your Thorne products to receive a Hammer Discount of 20%!!

This is not a one time discount.

Every time you order through the account you created through Hammer you get a 20% discount.


Please note: you must be registered and logged into before you are able to view the discounts. Registration is a one-time event and for all future orders, you can simply go directly to, sign in and enjoy the 20% discount!

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