Hammer Fun Time

That one Thursday Evening in May at the OTC


Erica Brann and Friends – Groove Auto Cycling Festival 2023 – TT

Bryan Krause – St George Iron Man 2023

KHMTT #6 2023 – There’s some road to slay!

Sometimes your age group appropriate competition………..

Mike Dancel and his “Age Group Friends” going at it in Tel Aviv!
(credit Mikes FB Page)

Had a great weekend on the bike at the Tel Aviv cup. I rode a time I haven’t ridden in awhile. I’ve come to really appreciate it’s not about winning for me as much as being the best Mike I can be. Don’t get me wrong, I train to win but focused on the journey.

It was fun to be on track with Миша Яковлев one of the best in the world and with two of the best born in 1972 Marcel Laurenz and Ainars Kiksis.

Thanks to Or Dayan and Yuval Ben Mordechai for organizing the successful event.

The Hot Dog Run – (on bikes) –

98%+ bike paths — Loiusville- 36 Trail -> Little Dry Creek Trail -> Clear Creek Trail -> South Platte River Trail -> The Confluence -> downtown Denver


“The Turtle Effect Foundation” Ride.

“The Rad Dirt Fest” – Trinidad CO

UCI Masters Worlds Championships – Los Angeles 2022 – Photo Dump #2

UCI Masters Worlds Championships – Los Angeles 2022 – Photo Dump #1

Tuesday Night Groove at the USOPC Velodrome continues.

1Erica trying out the Flying 200 approach. Yes it is fun up there!

B2K Rolling

Everyone’s Happy the Velodrome is open!!!

Gail, Diane, Cranky, Gwen

Velodrome in the evening workouts is a thing..

Rich, Robby, Erica
Before the workout and before the sun sets outside the USOPC Velodrome
Unlike you people….I have words, and I will use them.
Discussions about gear selection or UCI legal seat posts.
Pat checks to make the animals are happy….or Something —
Tuesday nights at “The Zoo”
Shannon, “Hey Rich! “You have a spot on your glasses…Right here!”
Robby — “I’m not going to watch this”
View at the others

Just another evening workout with the Hammer Racing Team, at the USOPC Velodrome (The Hearding of the Cats)

Every week….more and more Hammer Racing Team at the USPOC Velodrome

Every week….more and more Hammer Racing Team at the USPOC Velodrome

2022 Gwen #1 Best Rider Nats 2022 mostly responsible for all the points in the Best Team at Nats #2 Best Team Trophy, and Robby

That one evening workout at the Velodrome —
Sprint Sweep

Hammer the KHMTT 2022 – Series Podiums

Rich, Mike and Mike (a non-lycra sprint team reunion)

3-2-1— Shannon – Rich – Pat

Good to be back on the USOPC Velodrome and working

Hammer Team Sprint Launch – Pat – Rich – Shannon

SrT(ruesdale), Zenn, VossBoss, Dr.Pat, CrankyRob — OTC Velodrome is again open – July 12, 2022

Shannon Fox – 2K IP Record Attempt

2022 US Masters Track Nationals

Photos – Craig Huffman Photography

Gwenn Afton
Silver – Match Sprint
Gold – Time Trial
Gold – Points Race
Gold – Scratch Race
Sue Meinerz
Bronze – Individual Pursuit
Gold – Individual Time Trial
Robby Mann
Bronze – Team Sprint
Dave Beitel and Rich Gangl – Individual Pursuit Warm Up

Colorado Time Trial Championships

Hammer Racing Team Participants 2022
David Mulica and Gail Matherly

Gail Matherly Colorado Time Trial State Champion

Frostbite Time Trial

Hammer the KHMTT 2022 – Series Podiums

Mike Dancel – Israeli National Championships 2022

Sean Power – Trinidad and Tobago National Championships 2022

KHMTT 2022 Registration is up


2022 Dates:

March 23, 30
April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4
Weather Make-up: May 11


Hammer the KHMTT #5
(Ryan Muncy Photography Day)

10/6/21 Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial #5. Gallery photos are available for FREE courtesy of COBRAS Cycling Team/KHMTT! Images also available from week 5 on KHMTT.com
Ryan Muncy Photography

Hammer Racing Team supports the “Denver Front Rangers”

The Future

The Hammer Racing Team 2021 Masters Track Nationals Report

(Information gleaned from the BossVoss Nats Report)

Sue Lloyd-
Gold- Sprints
Gold- Pursuit
Gold- 500 TT

Louella Holter-
Silver- Sprints
Gold- Pursuit
Gold- 500

Gwenn Afton-
Bronze- Sprints
Bronze- 500TT
Gold - Team Pursuit
Gold - Team Sprint

Sue Meinerz-
Bronze- Sprints
Bronze- Pursuit
5th- 500TT

Rich Gangl-
10th- Pursuit

Ray Gildea-
Silver- Sprints
Gold- 500TT
Gold- Team Sprint 

Thom Miller-
7th- 500TT
8th - Match Sprint

Vincent Basile-
7th - Match Sprint

Bryan Krause-
15th- Pursuit
15th- 500 TT

Shannon Fox-
5th- Pursuit
Silver - Scratch Race
5th - Points Race 
Gold - Team Pursuit
5th - Team Sprint

10th- Pursuit
6th- 500TT

Rich Voss-
Bronze- 500TT
Gold- Team Sprint

Team DAD (Dead Lifts All Day)
6th- (.10 seconds off podium) Vincent Basile, Thom Miller, Bryan Krause

If there was a team award, we certainly would have won it. 

Another Collection of Hammer Racing Team – 2021 Nationals

(Later in the week)

A collection of Hammer Racing Team – 2021 Masters Nationals

Photo Credit to everyone that posted on social media that is attending – 2021 Masters National Track Championships

Hammer the US National Masters Track Championships – Day 2

Hammer the US National Masters Track Championships – Day 1

Sue Lloyd – National Sprint Champion 2021

KHMTT 2021 — #1 Thick Smoke and Hot Wheels

Hammer the Aguascalientes Velodrome — Rain of Records 2021

Cami Kornely, IP WR 3:59.93 Ashton Lambie and Gwen Afton

Hammer the 2021 USA Road Masters

Hammer Racing Team represented by:
Time Trial – Sue Lloyd and Sue Meinerz
Criterium – Sue Lloyd

Results are here:


Steve, Sue, Drew and Pups at 2021 Road Nationals in Albequerque

Colorado Special Olympics 2021

Hammer Represents
Robby the Race Mechanic on Duty

Hammer the Littleton Twilight Criterium

Hammer the Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb

Sue Meinerz – A Bob Cook Original

So I lined up to take Bob Cook (his original jersey) back up to Mt Evan’s. Goal was to test hip and see how far I could go. I made it to the top (last 5 miles were really hard with the strong winds and fog making it difficult to stay up but it was so close I couldn’t turn around.
Stopped at Echo Lake Lodge for Barb’s famous peach pie and hot chocolate just like Bob used to do.
Arrived back at finish line and peeked at results and was shocked to have placed third!  Some in my field didn’t finish. Lesson: just keep going and never count yourself out even if you’re slower than a slug.  
I’m really proud of this one. Now I need to check with my doc to see when it’s ok to get on my bike🤣
Sue Meinerz

Bannock Street Crit – Sue Lloyd – Top Step

It’s dizzying altitude on the Top Step. Sue Lloyd is acclimated this season.

Hammer the Boulder Center for Orthopedics Crit
Erica #1 Podium Step

Some “Front Rangers” action on the 36 Trail

Zenobia and Sue lead the gang back from crit training.

If there ever was an HRT sub reddit. “The Church of the Gravelier”

The Eddy Rando
“The Love of Steel”

Hammer Racing Team Sponsor, Gangle Custom Cycles (Rich and Sue) podiums in hand built replica.

Rich and Sue were playing dress up at the Eddy Rando in Parker. Over 100 vintage bikes. Rich won Best Eddy for his Faema tribute bike which Eddy rode in his first Tour de France win. Sue’s Peugeot won first place in the newer category. The Peugeot tribute was a 1967/68 bike Eddy won his 1st Worlds on. Both bikes were built and painted by Rich and are exact down to the last bolt. I was able to braze and paint some parts of the Peugeot under a very watchful eye.  Rich was asked for a bunch of autographs too!  

Dove Valley Criterium

Sue secured the Silver

Erika on the course

Erik does Gold Rush Gravel

One Gear No Fear

2021 Colorado Road Time Trial Championships.

Gail – Successful Defense of the Colorado Championship Jersey

2021 – Colorado State Road Time Trials

Robby – Bronze Step

For more pictures of 2021 participants (Hammer and Others) in the 2021 Colorado State Road Time Trial Championships head to Randy Liljenberg Photography – https://www.randyliljenberg.com/Portfolio/Cycling/Colorado-State-Time-Trial-Championship/

Erica — Blasting the Morgul Bismark TT – May 22, 2021

Turn it up!!!!

When Shannon brings the bike gear “IN” — for training at the Velo Sport Center Velodrome…He brings it in all the way.

Hammer the “Mad Gravel”
Sue’s addiction to the Top Step continues.

MadGravel 2021 – Sue Lloyd Top Step

Hammer the Steamboat Roubaix – Sue Lloyd takes the “Top Step”

Hammer the Koppenberg 2021
Erica – Top Step

Hammer the Velo Sports Center

Erica – running on the boards of a sweet venue –

Hammer the A2 Wind Tunnel

Hammering the hellyer

Dawn, Kira, Ray

Hammer the Southern Hemisphere — Villavincencio, Columbia

Hammer the Alkek

Working out where we can, when we can, with who we can!

Hammer the hellyer – unless it rains then go to a trail.

Robby Found Hellyer, but so did the rain. The alternate WildCat Canyon wasn’t a poor replacement

Hammer the San Diego Velodrome

Shannon finding the SanDiego Velodrome March 2021.

Hammer at Hellyer – Left Turns Abundant!

Hammer at Hellyer (in search of the open velodrome during a Covid-9 Pandemic)

KHMTT #5 – Cobra’s buy the Ryan Muncy Store

The Dude

KHMTT 2020 #2 – Some Pic(s) from a Smokey Smokey day.

Not the colors normally thought of from the Emerald Isle. Wait, the other Emerald Isle.
Hammer Sponsor AdventureCycling is here as well.
(Smokey smokey evening)
PreGame Rollers near the Emerald Isle. Mmmmm those deep fried cheese curds and chicken fingers smell pretty darn good.
Erica giving the KHMTT a what for.
Shannon riding anti-aero.
B2K protecting the top podium step of the Mens Single Speed category
Speed Limit 35 – I don’t think so on this downhill.

KHMTT 2020 #1 – Some Pic(s) from a cold cold day.

Robby says, “40 Degrees….MAYBE!”

When there isn’t a Velodrome available – –

One Day in August we took fixies to Chatfield Rez

Hammer 2020 – Colorado State TT! Hammer represents and Wins in the season of Covid-19 –

It sure was a hot one this weekend, but that didn’t stop our Hammerheads from lining up and kicking some serious tail at the CO State Road TT championships on Saturday.
Race Results

  • Sat, July 18: John Stenner Memorial – CO State Time Trial Championships
    • Gail Matherly – MW50+ 1ST!!!  Congrats to our new State Champion!!!!
    • Sue Lloyd – MW60+  2nd
    • Shannon Fox – MM60+  13th
    • Erica Brann – MW50+  9th
    • Sue Meinerz – MW60+  4th
    • John vonPlutzner – MM50+4  6th
    • Carl Osterwald – Men’s retro 4-5  6th

Gwenn and Turtle found the Velodrome in Rock Hill. (and we’re all jealous!!)

Pat Larabee and Crew – Summer Fun 2020

Robby Mann

Hammer 2020 – —
Covid-19 the Extended Off Season

Hammer the Chatfield Rez.
Another day of shenanigans.
Welcome to Gwenn and Turtle for joining the Hammer Family!!! 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️
Shannon got us going for 2020 “Hammer the Desert”
San Manuel 30km TT: Hats off to Shannon Fox for clenching the first Hammer podium of the year! Shannon took advantage of the gorgeous AZ weather and took 3rd in the M65+, missing 2nd place by 3 seconds in a 49 minute event! Great job Shannon!!!
Sean “BigWatt” Power – at our friends house, Performance United with Brian Abers

2020 begins and we’re turning left.

UCI Masters Worlds 2019 Manchester, UK

Colorado State Track Championships.

Well, if you’re not going to be at States, then get certified on the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit

2019 USA Cycling Track Cycling Masters Nationals

Day 2 Results

  • Mindee – points – 3rd place
  • Sue M – points – 2nd place
  • Count – IP – 3rd place

Day 3 Results

  • Rich Gangl – IP – 18th place
  • Bryan Krause – 500 – 21st place
  • Greg Dubbe – 500 – 10th place
  • Sue Meinerz – 500 – 3rd place
  • Gail Matherly – 500 – 2nd place

Sue M – points – 2nd!!
Count IP 3rd!!
Sue M – 500 – 3rd!!
Gail – 500 – 2nd!!
Greg Dubbe
Count (David Mulica)

2019 Masters Nationals – Day 1 Results

  • Dave “Count” Mulica – 500m – 6th place
  • Robby Mann – sprints – 12th place
  • Rich Voss – sprints – 5th place
  • Brian Gorman – kilo – 2nd place
  • Mindee Stevenson – scratch – 3rd place
  • Sue Meinerz – scratch – 2nd place
Brian Gorman – silver in 45-49 kilo!!
Mindee Stevenson – bronze in 55-59 scratch race!!
Sue Meinerz – silver in 60-64 scratch race!!
Rich Voss – 5th place bronze in the 60-64 match sprints! 
Team Macho Sox multi age group team sprinting

Hammer Racing – Colorado Special Olympics Volunteers

For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy some pictures from this year’s Special Olympics!!!

Course prep and early morning calisthenics! 

Morning Hammer volunteer crew!

The racing action was hot at the Academy!


Bill came by and served as our flag person when not racing! 

Afternoon Hammer volunteer crew!!

Mindee 2019 US National Crit Championships
Sue Lloyd – Podium 2019 US National Crit Championships
Mindee and Sue – Podiums 2019 US Natinoal Crit Championships
Hammer Support Crew – 2019 US National Crit Championships
Hammer the 2019 US National Time Trail Championships – Rich and Sue.
Geoff 3rd step Bannock Crit…and Cat UP!!!!
Erica (Top Step Podium) and Geoff (3rd Step Podium) Bannock Crit
Mindee’s Prime Bannock Crit
Mr Truesdale Hammer Team Member and USAC Official Bannock Crit
Geoff 3rd Step Littleton Crit
Littleton Crit Hammer Support Crew
Thom, Dawn, Mindee, Susan, Robby
There’s a Hammer Sprint Team heading to Nats. Gail, Mindee.
There’s this Hammer Sprint Team — heading to Nats – Bryan, Rich, Robby
Mindee top step Stapleton Criterium
Erica Stapleton Crit 2019 4th place finish!
Geoff on the podium of the points race at the Rocky Mountain State games.
Geoff the Sprinter on the podium of the Rocky Mountain State games.
Geoff is owning podiums at crits this year. Longmont Criterium 2019
Erica moving through the pack – Viewed from the angle of the “FanClub” – Longmont Crit 2019
Hammer Women of the BVV – Jenna, Mindee and Sue
Standing Start Practice – Bryan starting. Rich practicing his hold.
2019 Para Nats – Gold Medals for Hammer Captain Sarah and Stoker Stephanie
When you put it all out there.
Post effort view of the Velo Sports Center
2019k Elite Nats – Geoff in the gate
2019 Elite Nats – Dawn the Bronzed
2019 Elite Nationals – Some Assembly Required.
Geoff, 2019 Colorado SM State Champ
Sue and Sue and (name) Morgul 2019 TTT
Geoff – Morgul TT Podium

May the Fourth definitely with Jedi Geoff Quinter – ModMarket Crit Day #1 Podium – Saturday May 4, 2019
  • ———————————————————————————————
  • Tuscon Bicycle Classic Stage Race (3/1-3/3)
    • Congrats to Sue Meinerz and Louella Holter (can you say…comeback kid?!?)  for finding some sun and competing in the Tuscon stage race classic!
    • Sue brought home the silver in the TT and Road Race and clenched bronze for the Circuit and overall GC for the 55+ women!!!
    • Louella rounded out her weekend with a truckload of silvers, taking 2nd in ALL events (TT, RR, Circuit, overall GC) for the 65+ women!!!
    • Way to start the season off with a bang ladies!!!!

Sue and Louella

February 2,3

Congratulations to Evan and Sarah Fader for their great achievements this past weekend at the USA Paralympics Track Cycling Open races in Carson, CA.

Evan piloted for Griffin Pinklow and together they brought home:
silver in the 4K individual pursuit
bronze in the kilo

Sarah piloted for Stephanie Zundel and they rode their way to:
silver in the kilo
bronze in the 4K IP

Simply amazing!! We are very proud of both of you for your accomplishments and for your commitment to your stokers!





2018 UCI Masters Track Worlds, Carson California  —

Some Hammer Medalists

Jim Murdock- The Champ- 2k Pursuit – UCI Worlds Masters Los Angeles 2018


Dawn Orwick andSarah Fader – Team Sprint Gold – 2018 UCI Worlds Masters


Mindee Stevenson – Silvers -Points Race, Scratch Race, Team Sprint – 2018 UCI Worlds Masters




Sue Meinerz – Heavily Medaled for 2018 at the State, National and World competitions.


Gail Matherly – 2018 UCI Masters Worlds -Silver -xxx, Bronze xxx



End of 2018 OTC Fun Time

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