Hammer the World Championships – Report #4 – Day 3

Hard Rides and a Rainbow

Morning session ————————-
Day 3 Started Early with with Robby in the 60-64 Sprint Q’s
A good run, yet the field only qualified 8, and Robby bumped out at 9.

Next was a 65+ Men’s pursuit but I will save this for last.

Evening session ————————–

After a couple three/four of  match sprint finals.

  The Men’s 65-69 500m Time Trial was heavy with Hammer and heavy with real heavy hitters from all over the earth.  Times for this group were probably the tightest and hardest fought for the podiums from start to end.
  Dave Bietel, Ray Gildea and Rich Voss represented Hammer
Ray was was the last to be bumped off the podium and earned a final landing spot at 4th.

A little bit later in the mens 70-75
Yet again, this group was full of amazing racers
Dave (Count) Mulica generated valiant watts at the cranks, but not enough for a podium.

Rewind back to the morning Session ——————————
There’s a new World Champion amongst the group of velodrome racers known as the Hammer Racing Team.

Hammers own Shannon Fox worked very well in the organized and elegant high speed dance known as the Team Pursuit.

It was a mixture of riders from other teams and perhaps even a rogue space cowboy or two.

The Team – “Masters of the Veloverse” 
Made of Shannon Fox, along with Kent Bostick, Michael Hines and David Stanton laid down pole line blistering pace –

1K – 1:18.234 2K – 2:33.291 
 Final –  5:03.697
1:16.010 (1)
  47.416K avg

Hammer Racings,  Shannon Fox – Congratulations!!!
A well earned Rainbow Jersey, a Gold Medal, a block of Siberian Pine from the Velosports Center racing surface and a drug screening.

David Stanton Michael Hines, Shannon Fox, Kent Bostick

—at the halfway mark of UCI 2022 Masters Track Cycling Championships.
For those that like medal counts

Shannon Fox – Gold (Team Pursuit)

                         Silver (Team Sprint)                       
Ray Gildea     – Silver (Team Sprint)
Rich Voss       – Silver (Team Sprint)
Gwen Afton    – Silver (Team Pursuit)
David Mulica  – Bronze (Scratch Race)

So endeth thith report

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