9/24/2022 – Hammer – UCI Masters Worlds Championships – Report #2

Hammer the Worlds.

Day 1 of UCI Worlds.
We’ve started off well.

The morning session —

65+ Mens Team Sprint
It’s good to start the morning, and the week with a podium.
This team was tight, and every lap kept Alfred Nash very animated with “New Fastest Time” 

163 FOX Shannon
165 GILDEA Raymond
185 VOSS Rich

Count’s Sprint Team pulled in at 5th.
Count popped off the front as a very fast rabbit.  He did his job well.

Much like a young Joe Hardy in “Damn Yankees”.

  • Do you mind if I try it one more time-with my shoes off?
5950TEAM 950
132 MULICA David
134 ODELL Mitchell
121 ALLEN Richard

There was much goings on in the pits with the rest of Hammer like openers, and resting for the afternoon session.

–The Afternoon session–

Which Hammer really worked the late shift.

Robby Mann and David Beitel each had events

Robby was in the 2nd to last event of the evening
He hit 13th out of 18 in the 60-64 500m ITT

Late night 65+ Points Race with  David Beitel and a field of superstars.
the race started with with one rider falling, but the self cleaning 250m track allowed the bunch to keep rolling and be a bunch for the gun to fire.  Dave ended up in a working group and finished strong.

65+ Mens Team Sprint
Then there’s always that freedom that the post race brings.

What Day 2 brings????
We shall see.


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