9/23/2022 – Hammer – UCI Masters Worlds Championships – Report #1


Tomorrow is the start of the Masters World Track Championships. Most have arrived and are ready to race. Dave Beitel arrived a week ago and grabbed us a sweet cabin on the homestraight. We are set for the week very nicely. Thank you Dave!

 Shannon Fox arrived on Monday, Ray Gildea and Rich Voss on Wednesday, Count and Robby on Thursday, and Qwenn today. Pat Larabee will be here later in the week. All the work has been done and tomorrow is go time!

Tomorrow morning there is Team sprint for Count and his Team. Also Ray, Rich and Shannon are riding together for an all-Hammer Team Sprint.  In the evening Robby has his 500 Time Trialand Dave Beitel has his Points Race. Us team sprinters will be done for the day and cheering on Robby and Dave by then.

Gwenn’s first race is Team Pursuit on Sunday! Everyone will have their first race under their belts by the end of the weekend. 

Wish us all good luck. Go Hammer!!


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