Hammer the Rez – KHMTT #6 Results

Hello Hammer Racers,

It was a beautiful day at the KHMTT.  The temperature and air were prime.

The storms stayed off in the mountains

Marty Conigilio  called a very nice day from the Channel 9 studios downtown.

Marty is even an experienced professional witness for legal cases involving weather events.

(it’s true, he has it on his LinkdIn profile.)

Even so, Marty Coniglio has no idea what it’s like to ride the KHMTT course under 20 minutes.

Geoff Quinter does. –

119:49.84GeoffreyQuinterHammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

Geoff was first in the SM 4, and 13th over all riders of the day.  And is now in resides in the Sub 20 min group.

These riders are flyers!!!

Even so, after the ride, Geoff was fiddling with some illusive cable noises, complaining about this or that on the bike.  Blah blah blah blah blah… (just kidding Geoff.)   If I rode that fast….yea…..Ryan Muncy would have to strap to a tree.

This is how hard Hammer racers dropped the hammer yesterday


I’ll point out here, as well, Brian “KiloKrusher” Gorman top stepped his group one more time.

SM 4                    1   19:49.8   4   Geoffrey Quinter Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
MW 60-64            5   24:31.1   3   Sue Meinerz       Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
MM 45-49_4-5     1   20:43.4   5   Brian Gorman     Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
MM 55-59_1-2-3  7   23:15.7   2   William Nitzsche Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
MM 55-59_4-5     9   24:36.8   5   Robby Mann       Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
MM 65-69_1-2-3  6   26:59.0   2   Richard Gangl    Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

The “Hammer the Rez” harassment and fan club was out in force.

Thank you for all your support!!!  

And you know you can’t have “Harassment” without “As-…… nvm…”

The tent was up, the table was out.  There were wheel stickers, and discount cards.  The “Peeps” were in the howze!

We had Hammer kits warming up and recovering on both sides of the road.

WarmUp music was of the Heavy Metal variety, we had some Metallica and MegaDeath to bring up the roller cadence.

Hammer the Rez – President Bryan Krause presided over the tent and hill support festivities.

Hammer the Rez – Videographer / Photographer and artful Thorne Protein Powder Chef, Dawn Orwick, supplied us with Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Powder recovery cookies.

Marty Coniglio predicts spring weather for the remaining two Wednesdays.

Two more KHMTT’s left  #7 and the #4 make up.

Two more opportunities to come out and play “Hammer the Rez”

All good!!!

Velodrome Racing is Upon Us!!!

Those heading to Carson, CA and racing LAVRA, Hammer the VELO Sports Center.
(there should be enough creative and positive provocation involved to challenge those west coast racers to reciprocate and travel east. Come to OUR HOUSE!  Come to the BVV and race)

Those working the Hammer Home Drome and slapping down the base TT numbers in Erie, Ride Hard!  Ride Fast!  Hammer the BVV!!


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