KHMTT #5 – Hammer TheRez – Results are #5 because #4 will be a make up.

Hi All,

  Well, we were all fooled by the weather.  Marty Caniglio has egg on his face.

The rest of us surprised by, and just plain old just enjoyed the light clouds and sunshine that kept the temperature up just ever so nicely.

(Maybe I was the only one that was surprised

(easily entertained is what my spouse says))

David Beitel joined us this week in “The Race of Truth”

Shouts out to Sue Meinerz, 3rd in her category,  and Brian Gorman, 1st in his category.

if there were podiums on a weekly basis, we’d have taken a couple of those steps.

MW 60-64  3            24:36.83  SueMeinerz        Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 45-49_4-51       20:57.25  BrianGorman      Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 55-59_1-2-34    23:32.52  WilliamNitzsche  Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 55-59_4-58       25:05.15  RobbyMann        Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 60-64_4-59       25:09.44  DavidBeitel         Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 65-69_1-2-35    27:21.62  RichardGangl     Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 70-74 4             24:42.72  DavidMulica        Local Velo 

One thing that I always like seeing is the number of Junior riders out.

We see Front Rangers, Melton, Boulder Junior Cycling, RAGE and some unattached kids.

This week, with the iffy weather forecast there were 28 juniors out on the course.

A sampling of times….

Junior Men 17/18

18:58.52AidanCoatsBallaseuxAbove and Beyond Cancer p/b Scheels

Junior Men 13/14

22:05.75BenStevensonRage Cycling Team

Junior Women 13/14


3 fastest riders on the course this week.

17:42.20     ColbyLange           UCI CT: Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis

18:16.62     JustinLittle             Black Swift / Cycleton Cycling Team

18:29.81     DanielSummerhill  Unattached

Fastest of the Women

21:24.01JenniferSharpStages Cycling


According to Marty Caniglio’s extended forcast, next weeks KHMTT #6 is looking like a beauty of a day.

Depending what time I get to the Smokey Hill lot, and where every I see a group of Hammer racers gathered, that’s where the tent goes up.   Always, kinda sorta shoot for getting close to the Front Rangers truck.

BVV is opening this weekend.  Time to get your left turns on!!


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