Hammer Race Reports

2020 the Year of Are We Racing Yet?

KHMTT 2020 #2 – Hammer the Rez – Anyone Have a Smoke?

Well, it wasn’t on the lower side of 40 Degree’s F.And it didn’t snow two days prior.
There was a slight breeze out of the north, and the smoke from where ever and whatever fires are filtering in to the front range was thick thick thick.   I’d call it pretty darn bad.  
although the upper 70’s  to almost 80 Deg F temps made the TT an excellent fast day.  Still used the particulate count of the day and calculate your aerodynamic drag coefficient for a more proper time as you see fit.
We had quite a crew out for today’s race.  Even though for some it was their KHMTT #1.  It was a darn good day to be out racing.
The times reflect the nice warm temps.
 I have got to say that for everyone that came out, some for the first time this KHMTT, and some for the first KHMTT ever,  on this smokey day, these are some darn good times.  And it was crappy smokey.  My throat is reminding me of that right now.
Single Spd Men  30:094   Vincent Basile

MW 60-64           29:343   Sue Meinerz

MM 65-69_1-2-3 28:532   Richard Gangl

M Retro 4-5         27:374   Carl Osterwald

MW 55-59           27:264    Erica Brann

MM 55-59_1-2-3 27:222   William Nitzsche

Single Spd Men  26:245   Bryan Krause

MM 55-59_4-5    25:545   Robby Mann

MM 65-69_1-2-3 22:532   Shannon Fox

I’m telling you this Single Spd Men competition is going to be closer and closer and faster and faster as these racers learn this course and gear choice.  What they really need is a velodrome…but for now! It’s Gonna be a cadence fracas.   I can see it coming.

The fastest time on the course today was. 

SM P-1-2-310:19:353StephenBartelsPhysio Racing

that is crazy!

Well as far as the socially distanced fan club, there were additional hard core face covered crew.Truesdale making certain we’re all in lineMuncy snapping the good snaps with real lens senseTim Keyer grabbing some nice live shots on the hand held computer/camera/communication device.  And also wrenching around.

Also note, that Adventure Cycling was open this Wednesday.  Giving it a go mid week.  Also pretty darn nice to warm up near a sponsor.  

One more thing.  Emerald Isle has some really good smelling fryers.   Pretty certain it was breaded deep fried Parmesan sticks and most likely chicken fingers. 

And now we all understand why the chicken crossed the road. 
It was South Parker Road that it crossed.   
And it wanted it’s fingers back!!!

Next week….KHMTT #3   
“The Return of Finger-less Chickens Crossing Highways”
“B2K vs DrV – One Gear………inch more or less.   Make it Fractional and Tractional”and
“Who’s Going to Catch Shannon.  Who?”
If anyone else has pictures of the day.send them to me  robby.mann@comcast.net


KHMTT 2020 #1 – Hammer the Rez – When 2019 Ended it was cold

You know, The first day of Autumn is September 22.   
2020 continues to be a wonderment of all kinds.
I think it was really close to 40 degrees at 5p. 
(you know about 58 degrees colder than a couple days ago)
Good thing was, I don’t think there was any heavy smoke forest fire ash in the air today.
There could’ve been Hammer Fan Club out there.  If Ryan Muncy counts as Hammer Fan Club, there’s one!!!   He did ask where the cookies were.

Well, ya know Byran and I, on our way to the start house saw Shannon… fly by the 4-way intersection of the course.  Hey…lookit!!

Bryan (B2K) did the SingleSpeed, no coasting, this was a pretty good gear choice for the first real run.  Took charge of the SS category for the day!

Robby pulled his usual first KHMTT #1 behavior out of the box, Truesdale Sr encouraged me to hurry up, and I arrived at the start house just in time to get the “You can take your mask off, 10 Seconds….” from Tom Foss.   Robby’s retort…”Are you sure about that…did you say 10 seconds Tom?”(…no smile…not even …)…and finished buckling up the helmet before the first right hand turn.  (yes, I said “right turn”)

Hammer had 3 hearty racers partake in a pre-race face covering and un-covering ritual and no holder you get to clip in start.

MM 65-69_1-2-3    0:24:01 Shannon Fox (The Iceman)Single Spd Men     0:27:59 Bryan Krause (Iced more than 2K)MM 55-59              0:28:03  RobbyMann  (That’s my baseline for 2020)  the sky’s the limit now!

Fastest racer on the course today was John Croom at 0:21:28(I bet the wind chill factor on that was pretty low on the “Real Feel” scale.)
Who knows what else 2020 will bring.  
Oh, yea… KHMTT #2 next Wednesday

Results – KHMTT – Hammer the Rez #7

When it was all done, I looked at Geoff and told him this.

Stan Mann would say:

“You know, there’s a warm house, hot food, a TV and a couch. and you guys are out racing bicycles in this?  What the hell.”   

(I left out at least 2 colorful and metaphorical words. Growing up with Stan Mann was a treat and a plethora of idioms)

(When it comes to Poetry Slam, Stan Mann’s rants are supreme, angry and hilarious all at the same time, and will be written and performed)

“Colder than a brass seat in the Yukon” comes to mind. 

But it really wasn’t that cold.  Just a miserable.

It was cold and damp, and just enough to make you sit and think…should I really be doing this today?

For Geoff Quinter – 8th fastest on the course for the day.  It was a good choice.

And look how close these fast riders of the day 7,8 and 9 are: 

SM P-1-2-3      20:331  BenLaForce        Primal-Audi Denver

SM 4                20:344  GeoffreyQuinter  Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

SM P-1-2-3      20:352  NicholasGibb      TEAM CLIF BAR 

More important than that, 1st in his category, again!

with the colder weather, the times may be a bit slower, yet the opportunity for higher ranking exists, and happens.

MM 55-59_1-2-3   6   0:24:392   WilliamNitzsche   Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MW 60-64             3   0:26:563   SueMeinerz         Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne

MM 55-59_4-5      5   0:27:255   RobbyMann         Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne  (with Stan Mann in the head the whooooooooooole time)  

If I read the KHMTT schedule correctly – In a perfect world this would have been the final KHMTT race.

Since – Serene, Colorado no longer exists, and we have weather, there is a make up race.  And this make up race for KHMTT #4 is not next week, May 8th.

The make up for KHMTT #4 is May 15th.

If you’re not a KHMTT regular, you still have time to blow the dust off of that TT Bike before the Morgul Bismark TT on May 18th.


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