Hammer the KHMTT 2023 – That’s a Wrap –

The 7 race series was truncated at #7 last week by heavy rain, lightening and hail.

And the #7 make up is canceled by road damage from the storm.

Hammer Racing Team took medals in 5 categories.

Women 55/59 – Erica Brann – Gold

Women 60/64 – Gail Matherly – Gold

Women 65/69 – Sue Meinerz – Gold

Men 60-64 Cat 4/5 – Robby Mann – Bronze

Men SingleSpeed – Robby Mann – Gold 

Congratulations to all the Hammer Racing Team that participated in the KHMTT Series this year.   

Erica Brann

Gail Matherly

Sue Meinerz

Shannon Fox

Dave Beitel

William Liberato

Robby Mann

David Mulica

Carl Osterwald

Erik Swanson

Dean Todd

Steven Truesdale Sr. (USAC Start Gate Referee counts as a participant)

if I missed someone, that raced or volunteered and I didn’t see you.  Apologies from me.

The course was really nice.

The weather was fairly nice.  Though there were 3 days of significant cold/wind/graupel/rain/hail and more wind. That just even getting out there to ride tested all that raced those days on their decision making abilities just prior to racing.  Didn’t you check your weather app?  If they didn’t cancel I’m racing!  Yea but the tailwind from (whatever) direction will be a big help.

You know simple questions and statements of skewed logic that others would make sane decisions with impunity, and go to the Emerald Aisle nearby and get some tasty Chicken Fingers.

Congrats to All!

See the Hammer Fun Time section for KHMTT 2023 pictures.

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