Hammer the World Championships – Report #7 – Day 6 – Final –

Hammer the Last Day.

  Hammer Racer – Pat Larabee (man one rocket ship) – teamed up with Bob Francis and James Nakae.
  The Team known as “Two Grandpas and the Doc” 
smoked the boards and placed 5th.  

Final Medal Count for Hammer Racing Team –

Shannon Fox – Gold (Team Pursuit)

                         Silver (Team Sprint)                       
Ray Gildea     – Silver (Team Sprint)
Rich Voss       – Silver (Team Sprint)
Gwen Afton    – Gold – (Team Sprint)

                       – Silver – (Team Pursuit)
                        -Bronze (Time Trial)
David Mulica  – Bronze (Scratch Race)

Like Nats – Gwen has to go home with the heaviest suitcase.

FYI – Apple Maps and Google Maps says 16hrs 15 minutes Carson CA to Louisville CO.   And Wayze said 17hrs 45minutes.  Things change. 

Made it in 15hrs. 

Bandit for hire.

 I totally enjoyed writing up these reports.  I appreciate those that I reported about, and that the fun we all had was one of those lifetime experiences that cannot be forgotten. 
  I really appreciate the camaraderie that exists with the Hammer Racing Team.  On and off the track.  From wrenching to holding to to lending things to talking serious bike racing chain slack to laughing so hard there were tears.
  Also to seeing old friends (it is Masters racing after all), and making new friends.

Serious Pit Pre-Game

Not a Peep.  But an Energy Gummy in a Fez

And one lesson learned for this guy.  If you sign up for a Team Sprint, just because you don’t think there will be enough for a team sprint?  …..There will be enough for a team sprint.  Even to the point that volunteers will show up out of nowhere.

So, big shout out John Walsh,  my submission for Honorary One Day Hammer Team Sprinter. For the team “Doc and the Boys”
  I booked out early in the morning, and they had found enough riders to put me in a Sprint Team.  Even though John had a Team Pursuit that afternoon, he stepped up and jammed in.

To others that may have pictures from the event, please send them to me.

I’ll be putting more stuff up on https://hammerracing.club within the next couple days….or so.


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